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These are just some of the areas we can assist in:
Setting Up Services & Sites
Are you finding yourself overwhelmed setting up your services and websites and want someone to "ride along" with you to assist and make sure you're moving forward correctly?
Social Media & SM Tools
Want to learn how to use and inter-connect social media and social media tools like Facebook Fan Pages, Instagram, Snapchat, Bitmoji, YouTube and more? We'll coach you to assistin mastering these platforms to build your brand!
Page Creation
Want a custom Funnel, Website or Facebook Fan Page?  We can build one or all for you, or show you how to create what you need and how to use and update it.  Included are custom graphics to help illustrate your brand and set you apart!
Mindset Coaching
Growing a business and taking it to the "next level" is stressful! It can be confusing to know where to begin. It may seem daunting, especially if you haven't created a solid, written plan you feel confident about. You know taking the time to create the plan is an essential step, but without direction, it can be very difficult to do. The result? You procrastinate and your business stagnates. Or else the plan you have created is not producing results.

If you're feeling:

* Unfocused and "stuck"
* Frustrated and discouraged
* Confused about how to move forward
* Overwhelmed and time stressed

You're likely experiencing:

* Inconsistency moving forward
* Slower then necessary business growth
* Swings in your emotions and energy levels
* Concern about results
It can be different! You can find your focus, feel confident about your plan and take action!

If you're looking to accelerate your business success and truly take your life to the next level, Melissa or Kevin can help you to not only identify the steps, but take them with confidence.

The prerequisites are desire, motivation and a willingness to learn and grow. Discover the power in selecting your thoughts to create desired results. Learning to control your thoughts and listening to your inner navigation system will generate new possibilities and stronger muscles for change.

Melissa and Kevin do not just seek to keep you on target, but also to help you to clear the blocks that show up when attempting to reach beyond your previous limits.

* Sessions will be tailored to focus on your specific issues and goals and can be mixed and matched with any other technical service you desire.
Three Packages:
Silver Plan
2 Hours One-on-One
Gold Plan
5 Hours One-on-One -  Plus *Bonus* 30-Minute Goal Setting Workshop - Create Your 90-Day Game Plan
Platinum Plan
90 Day Mastery - Plus *Bonus* 30-Minute Goal Setting Workshop - Create Your 90-Day Game Plan
Meet Kevin And Melissa:

Melissa and Kevin Knecht met in 1997. Kevin was actually a prospect for Melissa’s business! True - and funny story - ask about it sometime. :)

Melissa and Kevin had both been entrepreneurs before meeting with Melissa’s first experience in Network Marketing being in Amway at the age of 15. Another fun story. Suffice it to say, it’s been in their blood for a very long time.

They have had ups and downs learning along the way over the years. Some downs were very painful - like having to go through a bankruptcy in 2011 after putting their eggs in someone else’s basket. Big lessons learned on that one. But the knowledge they had accrued over that time allowed them to start over and go from truly zero to over $750,000 in the next few years. They’ve earned millions over their careers together and separately and spoken on stages across the country both small and large. So a comeback was all but pre-destined. 

You see, the skills and mindset can’t be taken away. Once you have mastery, you can recreate or even better your past results. And it also puts you in the position to use that exponential knowledge to grow every faster.

This is why it’s been so tough for them to see people spin their wheels - so close to success but for a few crucial tweaks. Melissa and Kevin have a heart for working directly with people. It’s why they’ve created many duplicating teams. They know that the skills they’ve gained can immensely shorten the learning curve for people in the industry that just need someone to take some time with them.

Someone to “ride along” with them to fill in the blanks and clear the confusion. The best fringe benefit? Once the skills have been mastered - they bring confidence and the ability to create faster moving forward.

You will benefit immensely working with Melissa and Kevin as there are always many intangible takeaways, as well. What are you waiting for?  
Not sure which plan is best for your needs or just have some questions?  
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